The Story of Fox Fang Island

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The Story of Fox Fang Island

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 18, 2016 4:00 pm

Once apon a time, two foxs, two siblings, lived on the island together. They didn't have any real name but they had strange weird powers that gave them control over the world. They decided that their names would be Life and Death. Both Life and Death loved and cared for the island. Life soon got a new idea, that they would make foxes to live on the island with them! Death loved the idea and they both worked together to make the first foxes of Fox Fang Island. The foxes worshiped Life and Death, Life didn't really liked that but Death loved it. Life and Death helped the  foxes together and brought happiness to the island. Death was slowly becoming more and more greedy and dark. Life saw this and decided they should spend some time always from the other foxes so Death can calm down. Death refused to leave and attacked Life. Life was shocked by this and ran away, refusing to hurt her Brother.

Life knew Death was too far into evil to come back so she absorbed his powers and turned him into a normal fox but the powers were too much for her so she transferred them into a stone. Life knew if Death found this Stone, he could get his powers back so she hid it away in a cave. Death, angered, slipped away into the unknown plotting his revenge. Life knew that her powers alone, cant manage the world. So she created 4 powerful Foxes to run the world for her. Each one of these foxes, controls a element, Karo the Plant Guardian ,Moto the Fire Guardian ,Bara the Ice Guardian , and Maji the Water Guardian. The normal foxes saw these guardians and quickly forgot about Life and Death and worshiped these new powerful foxes.  

The End



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